Freebies! And How To Get Them

I love freebies! I stumbled upon this phenomenon several years ago when I was reading my beloved Reader’s Digest. They had a small section that talked about how to obtain things for free. In that article it gave a website that I quickly went to. That site was pretty neat; it listed links to sites that were offering ‘samples’ in a message board type format. It seems this site gathered its information from other ‘freebie’ sites and listed them. That’s how I found I checked out that site and I have never left. It’s a wonderful, well organized and dedicated site to not only freebies, but it has a section for coupons (downloaded and mailed), sweeps & good deals.

Everyday they post new deals, coupons but most importantly, FREEBIES!

I will happily post later about some of my freebie experiences, how it works and tips etc.



Freebies! And How To Get Them

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