My First Post

My first post: I never thought I’d be a person with a blog, as I’m not always a too ‘chatty’ person. But I felt the need after several review sites asked me to link my blog site, to which I didn’t have. So my blog, (if / when I do blog) will be to post reviews about various products I get to sample and try out for free through various sites, (that I plan to talk about in another post).

I also thought I could share other things, like random thoughts, recipes, pictures, etc. Sometimes I discover a new recipe that I just want to share with the world! Or take some awesome pictures in my backyard that I think, hey these are pretty good. Doubt anyone will be reading this anyway, so I don’t really plan on much. Just a test drive for now.

If you are reading me, I hope you enjoy.  🙂


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