0808121407aI am a 41 year old Mom who’s been married to the same man for 20 years. We have two daughters and 1 adorable fur baby (aka a long hair chihuahua). I work part time and love my job. I enjoy playing games, baking, photography, music and creating different crafty things when inspiration strikes me, among many other things I won’t bore you with. I created this blog out of a need to blog about free items I receive in trade for my reviews. And I’ve learned in this short amount of time, I really enjoy blogging about my kitchen creations and documenting it in pictures to share on here. Who knew?!

One of my passions and part of the reason this blog was even created was my love for finding good deals, saving money on the items I buy and heck, sometimes even getting various items for FREE! Which I have posted about to help others save and be able to try things for FREE themselves! I have found most aren’t aware of these different ways to save. I have a plan of attack when I hit stores on how I shop. I never pay full price for most items, especially in the cereal aisle, I always hit the clearance aisles/racks and when I can, I coupon up a storm. I use to be better about couponing, but that damn show (you know the one) has pretty much ruined any major savings anymore. So, I got discourage and well busy and don’t coupon as much as I use to.

Is it weird I get a small rush and big thrill when I am able to save? Especially when Target (oh how I love the young cashiers at Target) pay me to take items home? I’ll post more about that later.

Until then… happy savings and creating in the kitchen!


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